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Treviance Mayo is an author, screenwriter, actress, model, and singer-songwriter. Her first romance/suspense fiction novel, “Fancee/A rose amongst thorns (Vol.1),” was published in 2016, followed by, “Fancee/Rise of the thorns (Vol. 2),” of the Fancee series, recently in 2017. She’s also published a non-fiction, self-help, inspirational book, “How I wrote my first novel/My steps, pitfalls, and revelation as a wife and mother” in 2017. She has written and acted in several stage productions and music videos. She and her production team wrote the lyrics to her album titled, “Breathe.” She was  featured as an invited guest on the TV series, “Time Traveling with Brian Unger on the Travel Channel” and appeared in several major movies. Her model experience includes runway and commercial. She is often found talking with, and encouraging everyday people. She approaches life with energetic possibilities and is easy to work with. Subscribe to her blog and you can get the latest updates for future projects.
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A rose amongst thorns

 Fancee is a young housewife and mother who prides herself in her faithful relationship with her husband, Mannie Brewer. Suddenly, her marriage is turned upside down.

“Mannie! You caused this! Not me!” Fancee yelled.

His lip curled scornfully. His eyes flashed with a vengeful and malignant fire. His voice changed to a deceptively calm tone. “All I know is that my kids had better be home tomorrow after school. Consider yourself warned!”

Fancee searches deep within herself, and spiritual beliefs to make life changing decisions. She goes through an emotional rollercoaster, and encounters a mysterious, handsome stranger along the way

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