“Breathe” by Treviance. “If” video shoot. “Day III,” at Driftwood Beach.

Hey Fam!!

Day 3 video shoot for the song, “If” from my album, “Breathe”.

We scouted out a unique area called Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, GA Campgrounds.

tre scene 3 sit down pic Blog 2It was the morning of April 1st. Day 3 of the video shoot for the song,”If”. This day only required a few pieces of equipment and a small crew to run it. Being a mother of 4 children, I’d already made arrangements for my two younger children to be with their grandmother. My Son Ronnie and daughter CC had decided to be a part of our film crew again. We proudly gave them jobs.

Our day started at 5am. CC helped me with my hair and make up. My husband Ron and Ronnie prepared the equipment and went over the checklist. We said a prayer, packed up and drove out to Driftwood Beach on Jekeyll Island, Ga Campgrounds.

When we got there, it felt as though God was smiling down on us. The sun was out and the temperature was 73 degrees with zero humidity. We were amazed to see so many hugh fallen trees on the beach. I imagined that even though it was an interesting site to see during the day, it would probably be spooky at night. There were no lights, so when the sun went  down, it would have been light’s out..with us and the wild animals!!… Yea, we made sure to finish up during the day…lol.

tre day 3 blogWe pulled our storyboard out and got all the shots we needed. After that, we ended with a small photo shoot. Everything went smooth.

There’s nothing like working hard to complete a goal and then being able to step back and look at your master piece. We went home to review our work and the smiles on our faces were priceless.Our hard work had paid off.

One more small scene to shoot and then it’ll be all about the editing. Even though it’s time consuming to edit videos, I’m so excited and look forward to the learning experience and the great sense of accomplishment when it’s finished.

Ronnie and  CC  were professional and quick on their feet. I’m proud of these two!!Blog Pic Day 3 BTS







These crazy looking branches are fallen trees, which gives the Beach it’s name(Driftwood Beach).

Drift wood beach Blog pic

jekyllisland Driftwood 2

Let’s support each other(:

Can’t wait to post the video!!

Love ya’ll!



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