“Breathe” by Treviance. “If” video shoot. “Day IV,” behind the scenes.

Sneak peak…A day in the life of an Independent artist making dreams come true!


Hey Fam!!

Tre and CICI Blog Pic BTS Day 3 I’m happy to say that we shot day 4 for the video, “If” from my album titled, “Breathe” We were so proud of our eldest daughter CC. She decided to not only help shoot the video, but to have a little debut playing the part of a young girl with a vivid imagination.



cc-day-4-_If_vid-shootWe surprised her with an appointment to get her braces taken off a day before the shoot. She felt like a million bucks and looked like it too! She did a fantastic job acting. Yay CC!!




OK Fam, on to the editing(:

Can’t wait to post the video!!

Love ya’ll(:


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