Don’t forget to take some time out for yourself(: Much love!!

20150522_190958-2-2-2_20150522212205102-2_20150626210126183Hello Fam! It’s been a few weeks and I’ve been so busy with my family and being productive that I forgot about me.

My expectations of my self and my drive to want to accomplish my goals makes it hard for me to want to take a break.

We are entitled to breaks especially if we feel overwhelmed or burnt out, but why wait until that time? Why not designate one day in the week to focus on you? A me day(;

Give your mind and body a break so that you can rebuild your energy levels and snap back to what it is you do best.

Some things I like to do to is get pampered at the spa,hang out with some friends or even just ¬†go to the beach in the evening, allowing the wind to blow through my hair with my eyes closed as I listen to the ocean. Some days I just grab a good novel and be a part of the world that the author created just to take myself away from the norm. This really helps with my creativity when it’s time to get back to work.

Whatever it is that helps you to relax, don’t forget to do it at least one day a week!

It’s just as important as getting your goals accomplished.

Think about it…

Much love?

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