Forgiveness is like medicine!


Think about it...


I grew up in a world where I was always told to forgive others who have offended me or I would not be forgiven by my creator. As an adult, I’ve realized that just maybe I needed to get a deeper understanding of why this is so important.  In my research I’ve found that unforgiveness has a profound effect on our bodies.

“Emotional distress and mental depression will produce toxic substances in the body that can be eliminated only through total forgiveness, tears, lifestyle changes, and improved diet.” W. Bowles

When we consume the poison of unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment, it can cause sickness and disease in our bodies, like cancer, strokes, heart attacks and many other ailments. It’s pretty scary just how strong this poison is.

“Heart rates and blood pressures were 2  ½ times lower when participants forgave than when they held grudges. Holding a grudge also made them sweat, a sign of nervous systems were on high alert. Forgiveness left them feeling calm and in control. “Participants felt significantly more negative, angry, and sad during the unforgiving condition than during the forgiving condition,” explains Charlotte Vanoyen Witvkiet, PhD, assistant professor of psycology at the college(Psychological Science, Mar2001)Prevention Feb2002,Vol.54 Issue 2, p38,2p,1c. This study shows just how much our body starts to react to this poison.

Laughter, gentleness and forgiveness prevent those toxins which the anger tends to create, and the sum result is health instead of illness. E Cayce

As I continue on this journey to health and wellness, I‘ve been doing many self-checks, making sure that I’ve forgiven all who have offended me. It’s not easy though that’s for sure.  One good thing that I know is that you don’t have to stay around those who subtract from your life. You can forgive them and move on.

This has been very effective in my quest to health and wellness. I aim for peace and tranquility. I’m living one day at a time enjoying every hour, every minute, and every second that I’m blessed with.

I’m shooting for the stars!


Proverbs 17:22

A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.


Think about it…


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