Happy New Year!!! Sending lots of love. Here’s to new beginnings!!

Happy New Year family and friends! It’s been a long year of ups and downs for a lot of us. I was talking to one of my mentors the other day and she said something that made a lot of sense to me. She asked, “Why are you picking up the crumbs when there is a 3 tiered cake with beautiful icing waiting for you? Don’t worry about anything. Keep moving forward.” I smiled and nodded.

At the time I had a lot on my mind and had to make tough decisions. God always sends someone to reassure and lift you up when you’re feeling uncertain. I let go and let God, and now I feel free again(-:

Lots of new beginnings for me. I’ve just finished and self-published my 1st novel titled: Fancee/ A rose amongst thorns. A romance/ suspense novel that I’ve been working on since 2007, and oh boy!  What an experience!


Many people ask what steps I took in coming up with ideas and getting my book properly formatted, edited, and published.

I’ve decided to go ahead and write about my personal process (especially being a wife and mother of 4 very active children!!)in hopes to inspire someone to finish their book. I’ll make it available soon!(-:

So to my friends and family who love to write, keep up the good work!! I know you can do it!!

One of many important things that I’ve learned is that your work will never be perfect. You’ll always get better and better as you go, as long as you choose to invest time and money into yourself!!


Happy holidays! Happy writing!! Please do support and grab your copy! Much love??





Fancee/ A rose amongst thorns is currently available for purchase at online stores; Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBooksKobo and my website: http://www.treviance.com/store/.

Scroll down some more and Check out the synopsis and editorial reviews I have so far…





“Fancee is a young housewife and mother who prides herself in her faithful relationship with her husband, Mannie Brewer. Suddenly, her marriage is turned upside down.
“Mannie! You caused this! Not me!” Fancee yelled.
His lip curled scornfully. His eyes flashed with a vengeful and malignant fire. His voice changed to a deceptively calm tone. “All I know is that my kids had better be home tomorrow after school. Consider yourself warned!”
Fancee searches deep within herself, and spiritual beliefs to make life changing decisions. She goes through an emotional rollercoaster, and encounters a mysterious, handsome stranger along the way.”


Editorial Reviews

It was my pleasure and honor to read and review Fancee. Treviance has given us a breath of fresh air introducing new characters and a very interesting concept. Merging the genres of Romance, relationships, tragedy, suspense, and faith all into one experience that will have your jaw dropping. Fancee is a character that any woman can identify with. She is a wife and stay at home mother trying to maintain a wholesome household and her sanity. Teaching us that a woman’s intuition is never wrong.

– Celeste Bradford



What a wonderful book. I really enjoyed watching the characters unfold. It had romance and mystery. I read novels all the time. This is definitely in line with Kimberly Lawson Roby, Victoria Christopher Murray and LeShonda Tate Billingsley. I would love to see this one on Bishop T.D. Jakes radar as a movie. It is a best seller! Great job on the first book! I can’t wait for the second book on what happened to Mark, Fancee and Jasmine…or to know if they found the body. Much love!

– Paula Vinson



This has to be one of the best novels I have read!! Loved, Loved this one. I started to read and found myself lost in this book and could not stop reading until The last page. Fantastic read! Loved how this book flowed. PLEASE have a book number 2&3.

– Michele Parker


This book is awesome! I’m not big on romance, but the structure and the suspense of this book was so good it kept my eyes glued to the page. I constantly would say to myself “ok I’m going to read chapter 1” but when I get to the end of the chapter, can’t help but to read on. The characters of the book are well developed and the growing plot is genius! This book is so worth reading!

-Shining Sunsiraye



A very, very good read!

-Benjamin L. Davis



Here are a few photos from my book launch party I had with some friends(-:

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