Hey Fam!! My first blog of the new year!…Let’s make it happen in 2015!

Hey Fam!

It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks. I realized that I hadn’t blogged in a while and got right to it. Lately I’ve been truly appreciating  life with all the stuff that goes on in the world. Watching the news helps me to realize just how blessed I am.
So…things have been pretty productive lately. I have several  projects that I’m currently working on.. and I’m excited to announce that I was recently casted in an episode on the travel channel. I can’t disclose any details yet  but I will follow up with a blog about the whole experience when it comes out in April. I’ve gotten a few voice-over jobs and still very much into modeling.
The way I see it is as long as I’m alive, to do the impossible, I must continue to see the invisible.
Being a busy wife and Mother of four can be hard at times but I’ve chosen to make it my mission to create fun ways to involve my family in what I love to do.
Now lets talk about fitness. This winter has been a challenge for me with the holidays and pressure of having to prepare so many goodies I couldn’t help but taste.. I almost fell off the wagon..lol. Thank God I continued to get my workouts in.
Speaking of working out, today I got mines in! Where my fitness peeps at? I know ya’ll got some goals for yourselves.
I will be posting my workout goals for 2015 on the next blog. I want to know what your goals are.
Summer time is coming!!
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