How bad do you want it?

Everybody has that one thing in life that they desire to accomplish.

That thing that eats at their heart every time they think about it.

That thing that no matter how old they get, they still desire to accomplish it no matter


That thing that drives them up the wall because it isn’t accomplished yet.

Next comes the fear of not being able to accomplish that thing in the way

that it was  envisioned.

Choose To move forward and progress.

Let’s not worry about what works and what doesn’t work.  Make a list and just do it. Don’t

worry about failure, because fear has held you back long enough! Only look back to

measure how far you have come.  Don’t dwell on the mistakes! Learn from them.

Life can be likened to a container.

Only so wide and so deep, it’s volume can only be measured by time. It’s full of


If all you’re consumed with is fear, then you have no room for progression.

 Think about it…

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