My Journey to Platinum!

Hello Fam! Today’s blog will be a little different. My husband was invited to Albuquerque New Mexico and I was his guest. I invited him to share his journey to platinum. I’m so proud of him!!

Check it out?


My Journey to Platinum!

By: Ronald Mayo

Hello, everyone. My wife and I just got back from  Albuquerque New Mexico and I’m excited to share my journey to platinum.

I work for Aetna, a fortune 50 company with over 50,000 employees. Last year I was recognized at Aetna’s Silver Excellence Awards program in Jacksonville Florida.

The Aetna Way Excellence Award (AWEA) program is a company wide employee recognition and rewards program that acknowledges the dedication and accomplishments of Aetna’s employees at every level of the organization. To my surprise it was announced that I won the silver AWEA award and now in the running for the next level, the AWEA Gold award where only 32 are chosen from the 320 silver winners. I was elated that someone thought of me as someone who adds value to the company. I’m still new to the south so I’m getting to know many by face. My team-mates were awesome and very welcoming. Up to this point most only knew me by my work.

Back to my daily grind… I worked to resolve the problems our members face and continue to take as many escalated calls I could when I got a call from Ariel, my director,

“Ron Aetna’s operations manager would like to have a word with you. Are you available?”

“Absolutely!” I said. I figured it was a requests to assist on a special project, I was a customer service representative working incoming calls, any thing to get a break from the phones was welcomed. This was better than I thought, he continued,

“Hey Ron, this is Scott, I want to thank you for the work your doing and being available for the tough issues few want to take on. Your name has been circulating among upper management I did some digging and was amazed by the sheer amount of kudos and thank you letters from happy customers you’ve helped. We post kudos down the hallway for each department but for you we had to spread them through the whole building. You name and acolytes eclipsed each department. I am pleased to have someone of your calibre working for Aetna. It’s my pleasure to tell you that you won the AWEA Gold Award! Pack you bags, your coming to headquarters! Senior management want to meet you.”

In October I was flown to Hartford CT for an all expenses paid trip to the AWEA GOLD Winners Celebration. During his week long event, we had an opportunity to tour our home office, the secret vaults, and explore the Mark Twain Manson. I was interviewed by the production crew and cheered on as I played for the camera. I was able to meet some of the best in the company, network and share stories of the accomplishments that led to our award nominations. I was inspired by the quality of people I met and had a wonderful time with all the luncheons and dinners, mingling and toasting to our achievements. The week was capped by the AWEA Gold Celebration dinner where I was seated at the table of our CEO Mark Bertolini. We talked, had a few laughs ate a delicious meal and enjoyed the show. As each of us received our awards the announcers read our nomination.

By this time Aetna’s CEO Mark, was on stage and I was being introduced to the crowd. The announcer read my nomination stating this is incredible, here are some of the  things that stuck out: One member was so impressed by my resolution to his problems that he wrote the state insurance commissioner to demand I get a raise.

Management called me ‘El Fantastico The Man.. ‘

Some sales executives said they wouldn’t be surprised if I had a cape on under my suit, as my works are nothing short of super. They were impressed by my ability to work well beyond the capacity of my position.

I received my award and we were told that all of us were going to Albuquerque New Mexico for the AWEA Platinum awards, Aetna’s highest honor. Mark took note, and things were changing for the better. I got a promotion and then another a few months later. The group I was with at the AWEA GOLD winners celebration gelled so well, we were told 17 more Gold winners would join us in the first week of May 2016. This trip didn’t disappoint and neither did my group of gold winners. I had the privilege to spend this week with the top 1% of Aetna’s best, and the honor of bring the most beautiful girl I know as my guest, the stunning Treviance, my best friend and my wife.

IMAG1354On the plane.IMAG1257Kicken it in Albuquerque New Mexico

20160503_164250The view from our hotel room taken with my cell phone. We were wined and dined at the beautiful Tamaya Resort in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Had time for a photo-shoot.

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The week was full of wonderful activities including spa’s and a private VIP party at the famous Bonanza Creek Ranch, complete with with real life silver screen actors, cowboy’s riding horses strapped with 6 shooters, show girls, a shoot out, stunts, a BBQ buffet, a chocolatier and wonderful music. A real Saloon with the swinging doors where Amanda Blake an American actress best known for the role of the red-haired saloon proprietress “Miss Kitty Russell” on the television western Gun smoke used to film. This was an authentic Wild West movie lot and we were immersed in a cowboy movie that played out all around us through out the night. We had so much fun dancing and talking with Cowboys. More about Bonanza Creek Ranch here:


I was told at every event by the media the camera loves you two especially Treviance. When we took a picture with our CEO Mark Bertolini, he looked at Tre and said she was the rose amongst the thorns.20160505_220803






The Last night was Aetna’s equivalent to the Oscars, the Aetna Way Excellence Awards Platinum Celebration Show. This is the biggest event for the brightest talent Aetna has to offer. I literally felt like and was treated like a rock star and my wife was so poised as she gracefully maneuvered through the night. She could not take a bad picture if she tried. Treviance put the GLAM in glamorous. Throughout the event clips of our achievements and our interviews graced the screens that stretched 60 feet across the stage. I was truly touched by the heroics as some of the Platinum nominees stories were played during their highlight reels. As the show came towards the end it was time to announce the 12 Platinum winners that stood out from Aetna’s 50,000 employees.

Our CEO Mark did the honors. The first five winners were all females that’s when Mark said we have our first male Ron Mayo congratulations you are our Platinum Award winner. My jaw dropped so hard I left a crater under my seat! I was surprised, humbled and honored!



I was considered a leader in the Aetna organiztion. One who sets the standard embodying integrity, caring, excellence and inspiration. I woke up last night fist pumping the air, the excitement is strong I am beside myself with joy.


This reminds me that the details in what you do make all the difference. I’m thankful to God for his grace through the hard days and his favor.

You never know who’s watching and it’s not always bad.

Just keep doing what you do and trying your best. We all have platinum potential in us.

I want to give a special thank you to Kari Roberson, my team lead who submitted my original nomination for the AWEA award. You’re truly an inspiration.


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  1. Hello Treviance & Ron: Congratulations for the Platinum Award !!! Well done, Ron !!!

    Best regards from Spain.

    Miguel (Mikele GMCC)

    P.S.: Great pictures. Both look fine as cowboys in the Bonanza wild west. 😉

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