What you have is far less important than what you do with what you have. –AndyStanley



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I came across a quote by Andy Stanley, “What you have is far less important than what you do with what you have.”

I dug a little deeper to get a greater understanding and found it to be a profound word of knowledge.  I used to make excuses when things didn’t go right. “If I  had more time to exercise, more money to accomplish my goals” and the list goes on and on. I felt that I couldn’t get anything done without more………

This quote is simply saying that it doesn’t matter what you have, whether it’s a little bit or a lot, mentally or physically. What matters is how you use what you’ve been given.

When I started making good use of what I’d been given, my mind started to open up to new ideas and it inspired me to get up and push forward no matter what. I realized that I had just what I needed to get started and as time went on, God would often touch others to help me along the way.

When God gives us a talent no matter what it is, he doesn’t want us to bury it. We have to use it or we might lose it.

This is an awesome word of knowledge. As I continue to go on this journey, fulfilling what is put inside of me, I’m going to make sure that I nurture it so that it doesn’t wither away.

In each individual there is something so special and unique that they’ve been given. This  talent, whether it’s big or small can help others in need and positively change the world as we know it.

Think about it…

Let me know your thought’s..

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